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InsideOut's Product Features

Product Features

InsideOut Performance Fabrics® pairs superior design with performance, making it the perfect choice for your home interior, sunroom or outdoor space. We realize that furniture is an investment and InsideOut Performance Fabrics aim to provide a greater level of protection for your upholstered items. Most everyday stains can be cleaned with a household soap and water mixture. For tougher stains, such as red wine or marker, we suggest using a bleach and water mixture. We highly recommend reading our detailed cleaning instructions for ratios on cleaning solutions and best cleaning practices.

Additionally, InsideOut Performance Fabrics®  encourages healthy living by being disinfectant spray safe. Many disinfectants contain a high percentage of bleach, which helps fight the spread of germs and viruses. The use of disinfectant sprays and bleach will not discolor or degrade the fabric as long as it is used according to our cleaning instructions methods and ratios.

We are proud to weave InsideOut Performance Fabrics® in the United States at our textile mill in the foothills of North Carolina. Thank you for choosing an American-made product!

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