Glossary Of Terms

Double Rubs

A double rub is a measurement of a fabric’s resistance to surface abrasion (or wear) – High Double Rubs or DRs help extend the life of a fabric. 8,000 - 12,000 DR = lightweight upholstery 12,000 - 29,000 DR = typical standard for residential upholstery 30,000 -50,000 DR = heavy duty upholstery 50,000+ = commercial grade upholstery so choose something you love! Double rub measurements are determined by a mechanized test called the Wyzenbeek Method.

Pill Resistant

The properties that resist the formation of pills or small lint balls on the fabric surface which break down the fabric and cause the surface to feel rough. Being pill resistant helps delay the wear or formation of pill thus extends the life of the fabric.Fabric pill is a small lint ball on the surface of the fabric caused by wear of the fabric/fibers.

Soap & Water Cleanable

Can be cleaned with soap & water solution without damaging the fabric (follow the cleaning steps here to ensure the life of your fabric).

Bleach Cleanable

Can be cleaned with a bleach solution without damaging the fabric (follow the cleaning steps here to ensure the life of your fabric).

Disinfectant Spray Safe

As an additional measure of safety, InsideOut Performance Fabrics can be cleaned with a premixed common at-home disinfectant spray and it will not discolor or degrade the fabric. Click here for our disinfectant cleaning guide. We recommend the following disinfect cleaning solutions: Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach Spray, Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner or Purell Multi-Surface Disinfectant. Bleach is a CDC approved disinfectant. To mix your own disinfectant solution at home, follow our bleach cleaning instructions here.

Stain Resistant

Resists typical household stains or marks by preventing them from penetrating the fabric permanently.

Liquid Resistant

Prevents liquids from penetrating or damaging the fabrics. Liquids may sit on the surface or pass thru without soaking into the yarns & fibers making up the fabric. This helps prevent stains from becoming permanent thus making the fabric easier to clean.

Fade Resistant

Enhances the time the color stays true by delaying the fading of color from UV rays.

Quick Dry

Fabric does not absorb liquids allowing it to dry in a timely manner.


Fabric has properties which prevent the development of mildew.

Made In The USA

This product supports American craftsmanship and is manufactured in the USA.

Greenguard Gold Certified

InsideOut Performance Fabrics are Greenguard Gold Certified for residential use and offer the highest level of indoor air quality assurance.


This product is created with eco-friendly materials and processes.

PFC Free

No PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) are used in manufacturing this product which enhances its eco-friendly make-up.